General information

The following information will help you get the most out of your new XXX Glass Adult Toy purchase.

Pyrex glass, as most of you might know, is used in Chemistry Labs. This is because, by design, Pyrex glass (hard glass), unlike typical glass (soft glass), is very durable and has excellent insulating properties. Pyrex glass is able to be warmed, and will remain warm for long periods of time.

Germ Free: A Pyrex glass dildo does not absorb odors or germs that can cause infections (and re-infections) in women, like rubber, plastic or acrylic.

Durable: Pyrex glass has a proven history of durability in the medical/science fields and is perfectly suited for many years of quality enjoyment.

Easy to Clean: Pyrex glass is non-porous, and when properly cared for is the safest, germ free, product on the market today. Cleans up quickly after use.

Able to be Heated: Pyrex glass can be heated and retain its heat for long periods of time. Pyrex will also capture and hold body heat for a more realistic feel.

Smooth as Glass Finish: Pyrex has the most incredibly smooth finish that is out of this world. Nothing else can compare. Works great with your favorite lubrication and will stay lubricated without becoming sticky.

Warming: To warm your Toy, we suggest filling your sink with the desired temperature of warm water and soaking your Toy for 20 to 30 minutes, giving the heat time to soak all the way into the center. Use caution when heating. Do Not over heat, as it may cause burns to sensitive skin. Test before using.

Cooling: For an unusual feeling, we suggest placing your new Toy in the refrigerator, NOT THE FREEZER, for a period of 20 to 30 minutes.

"WARNING" - DO NOT place your new toy in the freezer. Pyrex Glass is NOT intended to be frozen. Going from freezing cold to room temperature, or body heat, may shock the glass causing it to fracture. DO NOT FREEZE.

Other companies would lead you to believe otherwise. Please understand, Pyrex glass is best suited for heating, by design.

Lubrication: You may use your favorite lubrication on your new toy. You will find that because of the ultra smooth finish of your new toy, your lubrication will not become sticky or gummy.

Cleaning: Prior to, and after using your new toy, you should clean it well. Use warm water and a mild disinfecting hand soap over the entire surface. Isopropol alcohol is an excellent disinfectant for your new toy also. Rinse very well, with warm water, to remove any soap and/or alcohol residue before using.

Although your new toy is dishwasher safe, it would seem a little unsanitary to place an item with body fluids on it, with your dishes and eating utensils.

Your new toy is nonporous and will not absorb odors or germs, making it one of the best items on the market today.

Storing: With care, your new toy will last forever. Care should be taken to keep your item scratch free and clean. By all means treat it with the respect that any high quality item should be.

Final Note: XXX Adult Toys are extremely durable and break resistant products, crafted from high quality, medical grade, Pyrex glass. However, it is not to be mistaken that it is invincible or indestructable. Anything can be broken if dropped, misused or not properly cared for. If your toy is dropped, PLEASE take the time to inspect it, for damage, prior to using.

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